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What sets Hammond Realty apart is not what we do, but how we do it. You'll experience forward-looking expertise that elevates value every step of the way. We simply think differently and that produces extraordinary outcomes. Whether you’re a seller, buyer, investor, landlord or tenant, we are a partner who is invested in seeing you succeed.

MLS® Listings

We believe cooperating with other qualified agriculture real estate brokerages will achieve the highest quality outcome for our clients. Participating in an MLS® provides added exposure for our agricultural listings connecting our clients with more potential buyers.

Sharing data, information, insights, knowledge, and commission fosters superior transactions and results. Hammond Realty is a member of Saskatchewan Realtors® Association (SRA) and has access to its MLS®.

Advertised Exclusive Listings

Farms are specialized and sophisticated commercial enterprises. They are a complex combination of multiple farmland parcels, grain storage infrastructure, specialized buildings, livestock facilities, site improvements, easements, land use agreements, rental arrangements, business efficiencies, client contracts, and human resources.

Sometimes it makes sense to have exclusive representation. Our AG Experts understand the intricacies of a farm enterprise and how to best position it with potential buyers.

Confidential Exclusive Listings

In certain circumstances, a seller requires complete discretion and confidentiality through the sale process. We understand and are sensitive to those needs.

Our confidential listing process only presents your farm to pre-qualified potential buyers with your permission and signed nondisclosure agreements. It is particularly effective for large enterprises with employees. We can achieve stellar results without the general public’s knowledge.

Approximately 20 to 25 percent of Hammond Realty transactions by volume are non-advertised and sold in this confidential manner.

For Sale by Tender Campaigns

When the most likely buyers are your farming neighbors and you want to provide everyone an equal opportunity to offer on your farmland, a closed tender works incredibly well.

Our closed tender process allows each neighbor an opportunity to make their best offer on the farmland parcels they want in any combination. It is an intensive process as our goal, and expectation, is to generate multiple offers on multiple parcels from multiple buyers. This generates the highest overall possible value for the seller while treating neighbors with the highest level of fairness.

A significant advantage of the closed tender method is if a premium exists on any given parcel, a tender is the best way to identify, quantify, and extract it.

Farmland Auction Events

Under the right market conditions, nothing beats an auction for discovering the highest possible price. Auction day sets the price, but it is the 6 to 8 week period of intensive marketing, prospecting, and educating buyers prior to the auction that lays the foundation to achieve the best possible outcome.

No other company identifies, targets, and connects with potential buyers like we do. Buyers trust our information, process, and advice and that drives superior results.

Hammond Realty uses Berlinic Auctions Ltd. exclusively for our auction events. Our expert is Wade Berlinic.

Buyer Agency Services

When you put your name on a Realtor® email notification list without a Buyer Agency Agreement in place, the Seller’s agent sends you the same email notification they send to hundreds of other potential buyers at the same time. You are being treated as a customer, not a client, and the obligations owed to you are different.

We strive for meaningful, transformational relationships with our purchasing clients, and buyer agency agreements put in writing what we are committed to do for you.

In addition to identifying and approaching non-listed potential sellers for you, we advertise your purchase request in search of a seller that currently does not exist. We work just as hard for our buyers as we do for our sellers.

Comparable Sales Analysis and Market Valuations

Whether it is the disposition, acquisition, financing, or annual reporting, you need to know the value of your farm with confidence. Your farm is a collection of many components including farmland, buildings, improvements, assets, and business efficiencies that when combined, deliver enhanced value as an enterprise. We understand and recognize that.

Our team utilizes proprietary technology and deep market intelligence to provide accurate, reliable, and insightful reports.

Investment Procurement, Due Diligence, and Acquisition

Farmland is regarded by many as an excellent asset to preserve wealth over the long-term. We help investors source, analyze, select, and purchase farmland that fits with their investment objectives.

A key component in the purchase decision is sourcing and selecting the right producer (tenant) to partner with and negotiating a mutually beneficial lease agreement.

Farmland Property Management

Farmland investments require the same diligent management as any commercial investment.

We offer farmland property management services that evaluate and secure the right tenants, track and obtain market rents, structure and execute leases, monitor and ensure lease compliance, and complete improvements to the property. These services optimize the return on your investment while enhancing the overall health and sustainability of your farmland.

With over 100,000 acres currently under management, our expert is Dallas Pike.

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