Showcase Your Farm in Summer

Showcase Your Farm in Summer

As Saskatchewan’s agricultural real estate professionals, we understand the importance of timing when it comes to listing, showing, and promoting your farm property. While there are benefits to listing and showing your farm in any season, there are specific advantages to listing and showing your farm during the summer months.

Showcase Productivity

During the summer months, crops are growing and animals are thriving. By showcasing the productivity of your soil, you can highlight the full potential of your farm and the opportunity for future profits.

Assess Soil Quality

It is easier to dig into the ground to view the soil profile in the summer. Assessing soil quality is an important consideration for potential buyers, and summer is the perfect time to demonstrate the quality of your soil.

Better Access

The summer offers better access to your farm as it is easier to navigate, allowing potential buyers to thoroughly explore the property and gain a better understanding of its potential.

Increased Attractiveness

The lush greenery and vibrant landscape of summer will make your property and the surrounding area look more attractive and productive.

Better Drone Videos and Pictures

The clear skies, long days, and good weather of summer provide ideal conditions for aerial photography and videography. Summer pictures and video are the best way to capture and present a farm to prospective buyers during the winter months.

Active Market of Potential Buyers

The summer is an ideal time to showcase your farm property as it is in production, which will attract a wider pool of potential buyers who are actively seeking farm properties.

Showcasing your farm during the summer months offers a range of benefits, including the ability to showcase productivity, assess the quality of the soil, better access, increased attractiveness, better drone videos and pictures, and an active market of potential buyers. If you're thinking of selling your farm, consider listing and showing it during the summer months to take full advantage of these benefits and achieve maximum value.

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