Semans Elevator

Semans Elevator
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RM 279 Mount Hope
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Hammond Realty
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Former Sask Wheat Pool Elevator lease for sale at Semans, Sk that has be operated and very well maintained by a local group of farmers. 3 crib annexes with a combined 200,000 bushel capacity, serviced by 2 legs allowing you to dump super b’s in 10 minutes. What comes in goes out just as fast with 30 minute rail car fill time using the overhead load out scale and utilizing the 12 car siding off CNR main line, which requires a separate lease siding agreement with CNR. Conveniently located on the south side of the town.

Key Features
• Built in 1967, renovated to include a 2nd leg in 1977
• 3 Phase Power
• Bathroom and shower
• Cistern & septic tank
• 35’ unloading scale
• 40’ x 30’ steel storage shed
• Hart-Carter 33 - 9 row grain cleaner with 400 to 500 bushel per hour capacity
• Blue Line 780 roller mill
• Bin fill alarm system

Recent Maintenance
• New steel drag installed in 2015 (cost $15,000)
• Roofs replaced in 2011 (cost $25,000)
• Roller mill rollers replaced in 2017 (cost $2,500)
• Seed cleaner rebuilt in 2021 (cost $10,000)
• Electric heaters installed in 2008 (cost $3,000)
• New fire extinguishers

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