Biggar 476 acres Pastureland (Flying "H" Stock Farms Ltd.)

Biggar 476 acres Pastureland (Flying "H" Stock Farms Ltd.)
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Hay (arable)
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RM 347 Biggar
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Hammond Realty
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Excellent 3 Quarter Grazing Package (476 acres)

This pasture is located ~4 miles southeast of Springwater, SK (1.5 miles east of Springwater on 656 Grid, follow curve south for 2 miles, east on Triumph Road for 1 mile).

Over the past 24 years, the quality and carrying capacity of the grass has been improved and optimized with thoughtful and meticulous planned grazing management. The arable acres on the north half section are seeded to grass. This grass is more suited for late spring grazing and greatly enhances the overall capacity of the package. Livestock are moved from paddock to paddock every 7 to 14 days and do not return again to that paddock for a full year. This allows the grass time to fully recover. There are 8 paddocks. The topography is gently to medium rolling with several low spots that hold spring run-off water. The property is mostly open with low spots having bush for shelter.

The owner typically grazes 220 pair for 40 days later in spring. This is based on a 1,300 lbs cow with April calf. Total carrying capacity of the property is estimated around 8,800 ADs (220 cow/calf units x 40 days = 8,800 Animal Days). The grazing season runs from June 1 to November 1 (five months) or longer depending on snow cover. Based on 8,800 ADs, it is reasonable to expect the property to carry 55 cow/calf pairs for 150 days (50 to 60 depending on the year and management).

Perimeter fencing includes 3 strand barb wire in good condition. The eight interior paddocks are managed with high-tensile electric fencing that is powered by a portable solar power system.

Water Well #22 NW-26-34-17-3 (solar powered) is centrally located on the north side of the north half section.
well drilled in 2000-05 by Elk Point Drilling Corp, 106’ deep, 5.5” stainless steel casing, water at 9’, originally pumped at 16.6 igpm, considered to be of artesian quality with an abundant supply

Dugout #23 SW-26-34-17-3 (very SE corner of the parcel) fed by run-off water

Note: portable solar power equipment is not included.

Triumph Road runs east-west along the south side of the property. It is an all-season grid road with an approach into the property. Seasonal dirt roads run north-south along the east and west boundaries. There is a legal forced road allowance along the north end of the north half section. It is 20.1 m wide (66’) and runs the full mile of the northern boundary. This road allowance has a seasonal dirt road that provides good access for maintaining the fence line. It also serves as a buffer for the neighbor’s pasture to the north.

Farmland Summary        
3 Parcels
476 Title Acres (ISC)

SAMA Information         
476 Total Acres
145 Hay/Grass Acres
331 Native Pasture Acres
$348,600 total assessed value
$117,176 average assessment per 160 acres
39.4 soil final rating (weighted average)

$580,000 Farmland Price
$1,217 per Total acre (ISC)
$2,003 per arable grass acre
$875 per pasture acre
1.66 times the 2021 Assessed Value

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